Nike | All For 1

We are in this together. We are All For 1.

We are BEYOND PROUD to share our latest work for Shoot Europe, for their client NIKE @nikesportswear, the All For 1 campaign, in collaboration with photographers & filmmakers from Thursday’s Child platform.

The Air Force 1 Shadow, pays homage to the women who are uplifting the next generation by being forces of change in their community, by building inclusivity and encouraging young people to channel their energies in a positive way through sport 💪.

Shot and Directed by an all female team of photographers and filmmakers, the Mexican story was filmed by Director Flavia Martinez 🎥 and Photographer Victoria Barmakt 📸.

Dulce Orihuela is a Boxing Trainer and is the one leading Mexico’s story: Meet Dulce Orihuela / Fighting For Inclusion. 

Dulce isn’t training kids at TRASO to become championship-calibre boxers, but she’s giving them the tools and confidence to be champions in their own lives.

For Dulce, the fundamentals of boxing create a foundation to build character, perseverance and determination, especially in young girls.

“Men aren’t the only ones who can be strong, [girls] can do the same tough jobs. We’re not living in old times any more”.

Please, go and read all about her story HERE.

🔥 Working on such an inspirational project has been empowering to all Mexican team and we are so pleased to be part of the creation of a positive environment for the next generations by showcasing women and their strengths in their community.

Special thanks to amazing Midori Aguileta

HMU: Antonio Ruz & Location Manager: Franco de la Lanza