Director Antti Haase


Screening with Director Antti Haase & Moderator Naomi Ximenez
Saturday October 19th, 2019.
Sala Maya Max – Museo del Mundo Maya
Calle 60 299 E, CP 97110 (zona Norte)
Free entry

Tuesday October 22nd, 2019.
Teatro Armando Manzanero- Cineteca Nacional
Calle 62 x 59 y 61, Centro
Free entry




Director Antti Haase, a filmmaker from the Arctic Circle, brings into this Finnish Documentary Tours, 2 of his projects.

Monsterman (85 minutes). As a child, Tomi, a Finnish rocker, was teased at school because he loved KISS. At 39, he lives in an elaborate universe created as a child: The work of Lordi. This is a film about this monster of Lapland, Mr. Lordi, who after winning the Eurovision Song Contest loses everything, almost everything. Talks about the fading nature of fame, created and maintained by a stage persona wrapped in horror and mystery. Can you stand up once more and rule your fantasy world? Or should it finally mature? . . .Highly recommended for rock music fans.


The Illuminators (60 minutes). Director’s grandfather, Baltic German engineer Gunnar Haase, arrived in Finnish Lapland as a refugee in 1945. He began to repair the destruction left by the Germans and bring electricity to the region. This work was continued by his son, with the power lines finally reaching the very last home in Lapland in 1987.