BARONA PRODUCTIONS is -in the first place- an independent representative who create awareness through artists who are passionate in their chosen fields of discipline; image makers who intertwine this drive within their personal lives and activities.

We are proud to REPRESENT AND PRODUCE  respected leaders in the creation of dynamic images.

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WHAT is your project?,

WHiCH are your requirements? and 

WHEN and WHERE do you need it?

BARONA PRODUCTIONS -secondly- is a pack of  FREELANCER PRODUCERS AND ART BUYERS who provide production services wherever needed. We manage photo shootings & film for advertising, editorial and/or special requests.

We fade out boundaries with our abilities to fully coordinate projects all around the globe. We collaborate with several production teams in New York, Barcelona, Mexico City & in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Our industry expertise allow us to work on projects always on time and on your required budget, creating long lasting relationships between clients, artists & staff –all working as a team.



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