Finnish Directors in Mexico // Autumn 2019


Light from the Dark creates a spectacle of Northern light for Mexico through Finnish Documentaries.

In the Autumn 2019 a series of screenings and events will be held in CDMX, Guadalajara, Merida, Xalapa and Oaxaca.

Four Finnish directors will arrive to present their films and discuss their work in depth with the audience.

The films of the directors, Heidi Piiroinen, Niklas Kullström, Antti Haase and Antti Seppänen, reveal a fascinating and surprising insight to the essence of Finland.

The subjects include a masked heavy metal monsters from Lappland, a 19th Century Asia explorer and the quirky inhabitants of a demolished-to-be house in the Helsinki suburbs.

To dig deeper into the unbearable darkness and lightness of Finnish beings, a series of masterclasses and discussions will be held in conjunction with the screenings.

Sedeculta Yucatan presented “the Impulse to Cinematography program” for 2018-2024. The scheme will contemplate three projects, the Cinema diffusion in municipalities and communities, Gigante cinema: Open-air cinema and Cineclub: Cinema for Yucatan, and aims to prop up this sector, generate circuits and strengthen its offer.

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Erica Millet Corona, the head of the Ministry of Culture and Arts (Sedeculta); Rosa Arteaga Silva, the head of the Department of Visual Arts; and Patrick Boos González, the Cinema coordinator of the Department of Visual Arts pointed out that in Cineclub: Cinema for Yucatan –the exhibition halls of the Sedeculta will be reactivated, to develop audiences and in the first season there will be 10 activities together with representatives from Yucatán and nationally and internationally.

Rueda de Prensa

Director’s screenings in Merida are brought  by the incredible work & support of:

Lilith Cooperative via Director Antti Seppänen
Sedeculta via Patrick Boos González, Cinema coordinator Department of Visual Arts
Barona Productions via Producer Regina Barona


We want to thank to all of the hard work from everyone in all the cities too: just everyone that is involved to make this possible.

Do not miss it– it’s going to be great!
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Eastern Memories, Niklas Kullström
Eastern Memories is an unexpected road movie into the Far East of Mongolia, Japan, China and South Korea. A visually stunning journey of adventure and exploration, love and death, conspiracies and the fall of nations, all told by a dead Finn from the distant North.
SEP 27-28 CDMX
SEP 29-30 Oaxaca (Not confirmed)
OCT 1-2 Xalapa
OCT 3-4 Guadalajara
OCT 5-6 Merida

Monsterman, Antti Haase
The Heavy Metal rocker Tomi at 37, is an elusive star, who hides his true identity behind an elaborate and scary monster mask and alter ego, Lordi. The Monsterman is ultimately a film about the Heavy Metal brotherhood, about being an artist and about being true to yourself. When comes the point when we stop indulging in our dreams, take off our masks and start taking care of others? Or would it be better for all of us if we can let Lordi rock on forever?
The Illuminators, Antti Haase
The Filmmaker takes us on a personal journey, learning about his fathers’ legacy. Baltic German engineer Gunnar Haase, initially a refugee, arrived in Finnish Lapland in 1945 to repair the destruction left by the Germans. And while theundertaking took a heavy toll, it also illuminated the way forward. THE ILLUMINATORS is an inspiring story about courage and social progress as well as sons following in their father’s footsteps.
OCT 19-20 Merida
OCT 21 Oaxaca (Not confirmed)
OCT 22 Guadalajara
OCT 23-24 Xalapa
OCT 25-26 CDMX

Black Hole Mama, Heidi Piiroinen
It is a personal black-and-white documentary tracing out details in a neighborhood facing a massive change. People living in a house doomed for demolition miss their community and are afraid of losing it forever. At the same time, they reflect on life as a whole and their own purpose within. Gradually, their memories and stories are woven into a tapestry where the convivial everyday life intertwines with darker tones. In the end, one just needs to decide what to bring along and what to leave behind.
NOV 21-22 CDMX
NOV 23-24 Oaxaca (Not confirmed)
NOV 25-26 Xalapa
NOV 27-28 Guadalajara
NOV 29-30 Merida

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