Rascona’s film about sisterhood between Cambodian women

Director and Photographer Rodney Rascona is back and forward shooting in Cambodia with RED DIRT ROAD, INC.

The name “Red Dirt Road” comes from the road that connects Phnom Penh with the village of Tramung Chrum, where the Red Dirt Road organization first started. This is the road that young women from the village travel when they go to work in the garment factories. It is a long, dusty, dirt road that looks red under the scorching Cambodia sun. It is the hope of the organization that one day, young women will not have to travel the ‘red dirt road’ to endure working in the garment factories. That they will be self-sufficient women able to help their villages become sustainable communities.

Rodney’s latest film explores sisterhood spanning across the globe, where women in First World countries play an active, responsible role for women in the Third World in order to enjoy choices, enhanced education and applied business skills in achieving their goals for a better life.

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The footage is now with editors with the expertise at WORK POST LTD and below is a selection of images from the trip.

cambodia_rascona_1 cambodia_rascona_3 cambodia_rascona_2