The Congo by Rodney Rascona




Republique Démocratique du Congo

A Short Film by Rodney Rascona 


Rascona was sent on assignment the first week of December 2013, to create a film to help raise awareness about the programs that Food for the Hungry and USAID have created in The Democratic Republic of Congo’s war and corruption era.
The arduous journey, the risk and the strain to produce poignant images in order to help the affected quarter million people was totally worth it besides the innumerable but typical field issues.

He elected to use his iconic portrait skills as seen in the clip of the Minister of Agriculture or the three iconic portraits of the man, woman and child early in the film, as an important element in creating an intimate experience for the viewer. Equally the SFX landscape segments introduce a unique level of creativity, brought to life under Rodney’s direction, to frame the narrative of Congo’s vast landscape and the challenges faced each and every day.

We more than believe he’s been successful in his approach!The opportunity to positively work wherever social awareness and films are needed is open.

Rodney creates leading, emotional, impactful images both still and motion for clients around the globe, and can partner with your creative team to produce campaigns your client’s market will remember.

We will feel delighted to hear from you and your projects soon.

>> Final note: Don’t miss to watch HERE his 5 short films at Kenya/India/Peruvian Andes and DR Congo.




Rodney maintains post production relationships around the globe, with leading London based creative groups supporting his work on Congo. Without their dedication, their professional disciplines and their desire to be part of the solution, this film simply wouldn’t be as effective… be as good.