On June 8th, 2022 we celebrated the World Oceans Day 🐬🌊

494 Kg of plastic were removed from the ocean to make this letter”

Leaded by the amazing creative team of W+K and the global production of Sketch Events, Corona came to Mexico to fulfill this magnificent project, to send an S.O.S. to the world about our global plastic problem.

Musas y Creadoras, La Merced Creativa, Konyo Factory and us, produced at the Yucatan beach and made this happen with all our hearts.

A letter was written in reclaimed ocean plastic on a polluted beach. The team worked to clean the beach, create the letter and eventually leave the area without any plastic.

It is indeed truly inspiring to see ideas translate into a reality, global teams connecting together through nature consciousness, and companies taking accountability to the next level, supporting hand by hand local communities. 

We were an enthusiastic team for this outstanding work, where the best teams came together for our oceans.

Check out for more on PROTECT PARADISE.


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy @wiedenkennedy
Client: Corona @corona
Global Production: Sketch @wearesketch
Clean Up Operations: La Merced Creativa @lamercedrecreativa
Art Installation: Konyo Factory @konyofactory

Film Production: Barona Productions @baronaproductions
β€’ DoP: Agustin Lira @agustin_lirad 
β€’ Drone & Stills: Arturo Villa @el_rtur
β€’ PA: Adrian Pavia @adrianpavia 
β€’ DA: Aldo Ávila @aldo 
β€’ Key Grip: Jorge Valencia @jorge  

VFX Studio: a52 @a52vfx

Lead Flame Artist: Adam Flynn
Flame Artists: Richard Hirst, Chris Riley 
Online Editor: Corey Martinez @coreycoreyoo
Producer: Everett Wayne Cross
Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors @rockpaperscissorseditorial
Color: Primary @color.with.primary