Director Antti Seppänen in Mexico!

We can’t feel happier to be presenting Director Antti Seppänen in Mérida, Yucatán. He has already been screening his documentaries in Mexico City, Oaxaca & Guadalajara… and now it’s our turn!

Thursday April 4th, 2019.
Centro Cultural de Mérida Olimpo
Calle 62 x 61, Centro
Free entry

Friday April 5th, 2019.
Event Link
Teatro Armando Manzanero
Calle 62 x 59 y 61, Centro
Free entry

–> In his Mexican documentary LOVE THE MOST, the Finnish filmmaker arrives in the old mining town of Real del Monte– and falls in love. To him, the colorful streets and cheerful people of the historical mining town are full of magic. His two simple yet difficult questions for the people he encounters bring about varied and compelling responses concerning love, life and death. According to Director Seppänen it is an “Ode to Mexico, an ode to life!” And he warns us: “after seeing this film, you will most likely be googling the quickest route to this small town”. It has been part of the official festival selections, which include:
Docpoint Helsinki
Queen Palm International Film Festival 2019, February edition, Crown selection
Moscow Shorts Film Festival 2019 March edition (not public yet)



SPANISH: Proyección del cortometraje: Lo que más amas (Love the Most, México-Finlandia, 2018) El documentalista finlandés Antti Seppänen llega a la ciudad de Real del Monte, Hidalgo, en México. Para él, sus calles llenas de color y de gente alegre tienen un sabor a magia. La película sigue al director en busca de respuestas a sus dos simples -y al mismo tiempo, complejas- preguntas que tiene para los habitantes de este pueblo, mismas que entretejerán una compleja reflexión acerca del amor, la vida y la muerte. 

–> His second projection is ICEBERG SHADOW, winner of the Special Diploma at Northern Character festival at Murmansk, Russia. In this 57min short film, the director finds a boxful of 8 mm films with pictures from all over the world at a garage sale. A million exposed frames. Somebody’s whole life and experiences for sale at a flea market. The surprising discovery opens the door to a lost world and leads the viewer to a journey around the world – and even further – with a forgotten adventurer, an old sailor. While seeking the person behind the films the director begins to wonder what will remain of us, when the results of decades of commitment end up in a garage sale. He participated in these festivals:
22.09.2010 Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival
04.02.2010 DocPoint Film Festival – Best Finnish Documentary Films at Malmitalo
31.01.2010 DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival
25.11.2009 Nordox Film Festival, Beijing, China
22.11.2009 Nordox Film Festival, Beijing, China
08.11.2009 Nordic Film Days Lübeck
03.09.2009 Kino K13, Helsinki
30.11.-2009 The Finnish Institute in Paris, France
30.11.-2009 Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2009 / Germany



SPANISH: Proyección de la película: La Sombre del Iceberg (Iceberg Shadow, Finlandia, 2009) Sinopsis: El director Antti Seppänen encuentra una caja llena con películas de 8mm en una venta de garage. Noche a noche, las delgadas tiras de celuloide cobran vida. Todas fueron filmadas por la misma persona en lugares de todo el mundo, pero ¿quién querría documentar todos estos momentos? Una bailarina de oriente, la niebla de Machu Pichu, un gusano comiéndose una hoja, las luces de neón en Manhattan… Toda la vida y las experiencias de una persona a la venta en un mercado de pulgas. 

Antti T Seppänen is a film maker and photographer since 2000, based in Helsinki. His production company is Oiva-Filmi. Seppänen has considerable experience on international film projects, specializing in architecture. His main work so far is Iceberg shadow (Illume Ltd 2009), an awarded documentary film based on a find of footage shot by a Finnish sailor all over the world. His photographs have been exhibited in private and joint exhibitions. He has an MA degree from the Huston Film School in Galway, Ireland.

2003-4 Seppänen worked as the Asian cameraman and editor for YLE in Afghanistan and China. Within the exhibition project Newly Drawn – Emerging Finnish Architects, he has realized 17 short films which have been screened widely internationally. In 2010 Seppänen directed a series of four short films for the Helsinki city about the new residential areas being built. 2010 Seppänen worked as the cameraman and editor in the YLE program Building Jury Shanghai on the World Expo.

In 2011 Seppänen spent two months in West Africa, studying and recording the local cultures and traditions. One of his projects was a series of short films Seppänen realized in cooperation with the local people who got to define the subjects of the films and see them within a week from the commission. The project was presented on the Finnish Foreign Ministry global.finland site. The films are available online in Shaking shoulders – The West African films . Seppänen also worked as a reporter and cameraman for YLE FST in Ghana. In December 2011 his West African photographs and films among with an installation were on display at the in the Volga Gallery in Helsinki in the exhibition Gates of Dreams. 2011-12 his photographs were a part of the exhibition Look at me! at Villa Karo, Grand Popo.

In 2012 Seppänen shot and directed two films about the Zabbaleen people in Cairo for the exhibition World Champions of Recycling in the Helinä Rautavaara Museum in Espoo. The exhibition is based on a project that the Finnish architects Reuter-Hollmén-Sandman are developing in Cairo. 2012-2014 Seppänen also documented Aalto Lab Mexico, an anthropological research and cooperation project among the Maya people in the Calakmul area. In addition he finished a four year film project on the construction of Kaisa House, the new Helsinki University Library. The film was a WDC 2012 project and premiered at the opening ceremony of the library with a live accompaniment. In 2017 Seppänen completed a four year film project on the l’Amphithéâtre de Trois-Rivières.