The Pink Door Photographs in London

If you are in London next week, you are personally invited by Rodney Rascona to go to his opening show in Soho: “The Pink Door Photographs”.

It will be on exhibition for 3 months at incredible TV/Film Post Production &  Editing House Big Buoy.

To say just the one thing about this outstanding house with huge & solid reputation, their team Big Chop just won this years’ only Cannes Golden Lion for editing!

Don’t miss it, don’t be a stranger…


The Pink Door Photographs

We each move through life differently. We overcome pain and tragedy in different ways and, at some point in time, we each come through and move on. But what does a society look like when everyone is hit by the same catastrophe at the same time? In the town of Jacmel in south east Haiti a community of people are recovering. There has been loss. There is still uncertainty however there is also a future. The sun keeps rising every day and people wake up and have little choice but to carry on. For a moment in time, between tragedy and recovery, amongst pains and hopes, this community took the opportunity to stand proud before a pink door and express what they see in their life ahead..

Many brought an item salvaged from the debris to take into their future while many others simply said…”all that i have left is myself” and so an ad hoc group of subjects comprised of hip hop artists, musicians, painters, humble men and women in the best clothes they had, posing teenagers and playing children, friends family a neighbourhood and a photographer…who amongst the rubble and the grief – together in the dark of night… could be heard laughing and singing old Bob Marley songs…

And for just one moment we all forgot the damage, the mosquitos, the heat and yes…we even forgot the earthquake…for just one moment.

Hope for Haiti

Haiti’s magnitude 7.0 earthquake of January 12th 2010, left 220,000 people dead, 300,000 injured and rubble nearly everywhere.

Rodney was invited to Haiti by well-respected organisations, his first visit, who challenged him to create images that supported the message of “HOPE.” For the most part news teams has left and the rare opportunity to conceptualise a series of iconic images laid in front of him.

 Six Years On…The catastrophe unleashed an unprecedented flood of humanitarian aid – £9.34 billion in donations and pledges, about three-quarters from donor nations and a quarter from private charity.

“The rubble is off the streets. Haiti’s back more or less to normal. But there have not been the improvements there should have been, given the resources.” – Brian Concannon (Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti)

Unfortunately, “normal” in Haiti includes over 60,000 Haitians living in tent camps away from the main boulevards, and many others are still in homes that suffered major damage.

Haiti still needs hope, The Pink Door Photographs remain relevant in their ability to represent one brief moment in time where individuals forgot about their worries and stood for Rodney, giving him the gift of their image in what were difficult times. They lend honest testimony to the unfailing hope which the Haitian people, despite such enormous personal loss, still posses.