Camilla de Maffei exhibit in New York City


We are delighted to inform Camilla de Maffei is in Manhattan at this right moment with her project The Visible Mountain curated by Anna Van Lenten.

A new Half King Photo Series exhibit opens every seven weeks, with talks and photo book launches in between at The Half King Photography Series.

The lineup for their bi-monthly openings, talks, and photo book launches change regularly, but all share one trait: they are live events centered around a print exhibit or photo project and are occasions for audience and photographer to engage with each other and identify the forces at work in the photographer’s project.

Openings have three elements: a print exhibit that hangs for eight weeks; a slideshow screening of the photographer’s work; and a discussion that is anchored by a seasoned moderator and also open to audience participation throughout. Such face-to-face connection invites fresh, un-canned insight about the work on display. The intelligence, spontaneity, and focus Half King audiences bring are vital to our screen-centered lives.

 The photography we champion lends critical context to the news we race through day to day, deepening and clarifying its stories. We shape all shows to highlight the strange and compelling, the overlooked and underreported, and most important, to illuminate context. We believe in the enlightening effect of text, video, or audio to help do so.

The Half King is owned by Scott Anderson, Nanette Burstein, and Sebastian Junger.

Anna Van Lenten (writer and editor), and James Price (Photo Assignments Editor at Getty Reportage) are the curators of the The Half King Photo Series.

You can’t miss it… Follow here to visit it already!!!