Auteur Project Course in Mexico City – ON WEEKENDS


Camilla de Maffei will start a course for fellow senior photographers at CENTRO, a design/ film / television institution that specializes in creative studies that strike a careful balance between theory and praxis, talent and discipline, and risk and certainty, with interdisciplinary and enterprising focus.

The “Auteur Project Course” is aimed at those who want to venture into the realization of a personal project with international impact.

Given in collaboration with amazing mexican photographer MARA SÁNCHEZ RENERO, who’s work has been exhibited in festivals such as PhotoEspaña, SevillaFoto, Trafic, and ZaragozaPhoto. Since 2009 she has been working as a freelance photographer in Barcelona and Mexico & is a Co-founder of the collectives Malocchio and PHACTO “Espacio de Acción Fotográfica” in Barcelona.

It’ll be imparted on Saturdays from next February 15th to June 7th.

There are still places, book yours asap!