GRAND PRIX win at The Deauville Green Awards in France



Launched in 2011, the Deauville Green Awards—also known as the International Festival of Corporate Film and TV on Ecology and Sustainable Development—take place each year in the historic seaside resort of Deauville, France. In addition to screenings of the finalists’ films, festivities include three days of networking, debates and conferences on green issues. Chaired by Georges Pessis (Acting General), Jean-Charles Pentecouteau (President) and François Morgant (Vice-President), a prestigious jury comprised of audiovisual communications professionals and specialists in environmental policy and sustainable development, presents Gold awards to the best productions in 12 categories as well as recognising a select number of films with Grand Prix awards for superior cinematic achievement.

In “BLACK INSIDE: Three Women’s Voices,” director Rodney Rascona points to a simple, low-cost solution – substituting clean cookstoves for traditional cooking methods – that can save lives as well as conserve vital natural resources. The filmmakers journeyed to remote areas on three continents to document captivating vignettes of a trio of strong, resilient women. Despite geographical and cultural differences, Sarah, Vandana and Monica belong to a vast sisterhood whose uniquely personal stories mirror epic global issues: HAP as well as poverty, women’s and children’s health, deforestation, carbon emissions and sustainable change.

Each speaks eloquently on behalf of the millions more who would benefit from the life-saving, clean cooking devices. “The old stoves, they make this world black. They also make us black inside,” says Sarah, a Gabra tribeswoman in Kenya’s northern deserts. With newfound hope for their families’ health and future, and more time and money to spend, the women become inspired change agents in their communities – starting businesses, investing in the lives of others, and giving more of themselves to their children.

Joining Rascona in the project were writer Russ Haan, director of photography Scott Shepard and gaffer Chuck Linkes. London-based producer Phil Tidy of Urchin Productions brought together a post-production team that included film editor Warren Meneely, Goldcrest Post London and Prime Focus London. In-country ground logistics were provided by The Paradigm Project, GIZ Peru, Food for the Hungry Kenya, and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). You can find a complete list of global partners, as well as a Director’s Statement, at the film’s website.