>>UPDATE on Rodney Rascona’s short film “Black Inside”

Please lend your voice by viewing it –> HERE

We are delighted to announce that Rodney Rascona’s first short film -commissioned by the United Nations Foundation and the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves– will be screened at the MOONDANCE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in New, York on September 16th!

The film is a collection of three women’s voices from the arid lands of nothern Kenya, a chaotic urban village along the Nelapese border with India and the mist shrouded Andean hills of northern Peru.

All are woven together to raise awareness to the premature death of nearly 2 million women and children by breathing the toxic fumes created from the smoke of an open wood fire while cooking their meals.

An Oscar winning actress voices that cooking shouldn’t kill.

We want to congratulate Rodney and his London & US based team for the amazing result. Please do continue rowing that way!

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>> 23RD OF OCTOBER, 2012

Black Inside-Three Women’s Voices has been selected to be one of the films playing across the nation at 100 grassroots events to motivate people through film, to inspire them to play their part for good in connection with the “Wild and Scenic Film Tour”, sponsored by national brands in PATAGONIA, CLIFF BAR AND COMPANY, OSPREY, SIERRA NEVADA BREWING AND MOTHER JONES.

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