Gliding along the Danube, by Camilla de Maffei


“Sailing along the flavors of the Danube” is a project of Travelling Balkans* in collaboration with Slow Food International* which has as its goal the enhancement of the unique food and wine and more generally of native cultures along the middle and lower reaches of the Danube, thus contributing to giving full citizenship to the river and promoting it as a destination for tourism.

A journey, in pictures, with the gorgeous shots of Camilla de Maffei. Enjoy it.

– – – 

Slow Food International is an international non-profit organization who engage in food production on a small scale, sustainable, quality. The motto of Slow Food is good, clean and fair. Three adjectives that describe in an elementary way the characteristics that must have food. Relatively good sense of the pleasure derived from the organoleptic quality of food, but also the complex sphere of feelings, memories and identity arising from the affective value of food, clean food is produced respecting ecosystems and the environment; right, which means conforms to the concepts of social justice in the areas of production and marketing.

Travelling the Balkans (VIB) was founded as a specific program dedicated to the development of responsible tourism in South-Eastern Europe. The project, starting from well-established cooperative relations between the Community Associations Trentino and several European territories of the way, has had and has the objective to introduce a region which is generally perceived only stereotypes and places common, when in fact we find extraordinary wealth of both environmental and cultural, but also important traces of a common European history.