Porc no graphic

The event portrayed here is the killing of the pig: an old tradition that takes place in rural Spain.

In this work Lucia investigates the limits of documentary: Where it meets with pure artistic expression, how they differ and how they evolve into each other.

Having documentary (description of real action) on one side and pure abstract (plastic, conceptual) on the other, she experiments mixing them in different proportions and looking at the power of its graphic language.

She offers two intertwined visions:
A contrasted lighting provides a pictorial image, even a filmic atmosphere, of a real action that takes place in real time.
A zoom on the flesh, an abstraction of detail, complements the documentary pictures. A deformation of the natural scale takes place.

The series is not meant to be morbid.
It is about skin and not about blood.

The abstract takes us away from the bloody. A raw scene offers a level of ambiguous beauty.

The dance between the abstraction and the objectivity causes a ripple of visual languages that affects the viewer’s perception.
In an exhibition or publication it would work in this way: the spectator gets attracted by big square abstract images that look like mysterious landscapes. Slowly, they realize that they are really looking at bacon. And after, they end up seeing smaller images that show the real action: the killing of the pig.

The viewer will take a reverse path: from the abstract to the real.